Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Episode 715: The Lonely Deino

Japan: November 24, 2011
US: April 7, 2012 (Iris and Monoozu! Training at the Day Care)

Continuing the Driftveil City, Ash and Cilan decide to have a practice battle. However, the battle is brought to an early end when two Deino show up and cause disruption. They begin too try to catch  them, but the Pokeball fails. A daycare worker name Bobby shows up claiming that he is watching them. The gang accompany Bobby to the daycare where they see various Pokémon having fun. They offer to help him out at the daycare for a while until Pikachu and Axew find a shy Deino. They discover that it does not want to come out and it does not eat its food, and Iris decides to get Deino to come out of its shell. Bobby gives them a cart full of Pokémon food that they distribute among the Pokémon.

 At the end of the day, everybody is worn out and they all grab a bite to eat. Iris is trying to get Deino to come out, but still has no luck. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is heading to Milos Island for their next plot. Everybody is sleeping when Pikachu and Ash notice that Iris missing. CIlan wakes up and they all go out to find Iris and Axew telling a story to the shy Deino, which starts to come out a little bit. The next day, they feed and play with the Pokémon. Deino still does not come out until late night where it begins to try some Pokémon food. The next day, the gang find that it has eaten all of the food. Two trainers have come to pick up their two Deino. The shy Deino comes to Iris asking for its trainer. They decide to wait together for its trainer to come

 They next day has come and Deino's trainer still has not come. Iris decides to stay at the daycare until Deino's trainer picks it up, and the others decide to stay and help out as well. Another day ends and the shy Deino's trainer still has not come to pick him up. Suddenly a trainer into dancing comes in to pick up his Pokémon, and Iris thinks he is Deino's trainer. Iris asks Deino to come with her, but its trainer finally appears to pick it up and explains that he got lost in Chargestone Cave going after a Tynamo. Iris watches Deino depart and they help out once more by feeding the Pokémon. Meanwhile Team Rocket are planning their nefarious scheme. 

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