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Pokemon Black and White (pokemon journey HD)

Im interested to get this kind of emulator and rom...the display of games are trying to get it..once i got,,i will share with you my beloved blogger =)


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Rom Hacks For Heart Gold Version

ROM Hacks

Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokémon HeartGold is my first ROM Hack and is basically a harder version of Heart Gold filled with many other features and changes.

Major Changes
* Major trainer battles are now more challenging with stronger Pokemon, better moves, and hold items. This includes battles with Gym Leaders, Elite 4, your Rival, Team Rocket Admins, Eusine, and the Kimono Sisters. Many normal trainers also have upgraded teams.
* Ability to catch all 6 Johto and Sinnoh Starters in the wild.
* Ability to evolve former trade-evolution Pokemon without trading.
* Ability to find both Soul Silver-only and Heart Gold-only Pokemon in the same game.
* New overworld sprites for main characters
* Ride a Skateboard instead of a Bicycle!
* New and edited sprites for many Pokemon.
* Some late-game trainers can even use legendaries. Can you find and beat all 17 Arceus trainers? If you want to experience HG/SS in a new way, then play this game …

How to speed up Pokemon Black & White (DeSmuME + No$GBA)

Put these codes into your emulator (Action replay) and it should vastly increase the speed of the game.
Before I used these codes Pokemon B&W was stupidly slow. Now it plays as smoothly as the others.

I hope this helps.

Instant Message Display -

5201D0CC D1024281
1201D054 000046C0
1201D0CE 0000D1D1
D0000000 00000000

5201D0B0 D1024281
1201D038 000046C0
1201D0B2 0000D1D1
D0000000 00000000

Double Speed -

52197074 BD381C28
02198070 085F0056
D0000000 00000000

52197054 BD381C28
02198050 085F0056
D0000000 00000000

Remove 3D Effect (The 3D effect should only be activated if you have a 3D DS. So it makes sense to remove it for speed) -

521892A8 43082020
221892A8 00000010
D2000000 00000000

52189288 43082020
22189288 00000010
D2000000 00000000

List of Legendary Pokemon(Generation 1)-part 1


Of the 649 Pokémon species, 47 are considered to be legendary, while several more have certain characteristics of legendary Pokémon. Each generation has introduced at least one legendary trio and one legendary duo.

The legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation I can be broken into two groups: the legendary birds and the Mew duo.
Legendary birds

The three legendary birds, also known as the Winged Mirages, are the resident legendary trio of the Kanto region. Each of them is based on a mythical bird, and each is associated with a season (though none of the three is associated with autumn).
In the games, all three are available in the Kanto region in all of its appearances except for Generation II. Articuno takes up residence in the Seafoam Islands in the south, Zapdos in the Power Plant (next to it in Generation IV)

in the east, and Moltres in a variety of places, Victory Road, Mt. Ember, or Mt. Silver, depending on the generation. In Gener…